Who I Am

Hey! I’m Jonathan, aspiring aspirer. I’m currently an undergraduate student at a very expensive university – but who cares about that. What I care about is finding what I want to do with my life, who I am, leaving us here today.

The Mission

To discover myself through my words and thoughts, hopefully leaving deposits of information gained by my experience. I only learn through experience, as I have never been one to memorize from a book. What I hope to discover I already stated – what I want to do and who I am. I think these questions are intertwined, and answering one will necessarily lend an answer to the other.

Now, what I mean by “What I want to do:” I want to find something in my life (or multiple things!) that inspire me to wake up everyday. I want my work to be indecipherable from my leisure, I want my mind to constantly be at play. A lofty, unachievable goal? I don’t think so. Will it be a struggle to get there? Most definitely. What is good in life isn’t easy, nor should it be.

“Who I Am:” the question of the hour. To answer this, I think my life would have be at its end; I would prefer not to find out anytime soon. The viable solution then is akin to solving a mathematical limit – to approach the answer, but never reach it. How long this takes remains to be seen.

The Project

Words, in different formats.

I think only a collection of writings, from personal essays to fiction to poetry could ever contain a human being. So, the aim is to compile all of these here, with the purpose of achieving my mission. I may even branch out into other formats, such as podcasts and music, but I wouldn’t get any hopes up for anything along those lines anytime soon.

This website will serve as a sort of portfolio, created for the audience of me, but open to anyone who may want to take a peak. I cannot say I will be completely honest to the truth, only to my perception of it. Take what you consume here as a reflection of me through my eyes, and not the world as it is.

How long will this project last? The truth is I don’t know. I may get tired of spending money and close up shop. I may get bored. What I do know is that the ability to changed one’s mind is a very powerful aspect of being human, and I plan to use it accordingly.

The Results?

In a way, this project is doomed for failure. It was never designed to succeed. I am okay with that – I cannot tell you who I am, as I cannot put it into words for myself. All I can do is share my thoughts and stories, snippets of my life, so maybe an outline could be grasped. There will be no results, no end or goal achieved. The result I am looking for is progress; if I can achieve that, I will be happy with my work here.

If you have gotten this far, thank you. It means more to me than you know <3

Where to Find Me

All social links are below. I would really appreciate a follow on all platforms! Who knows, I might even follow back 😉

Also – a portfolio site of mine, if curious: jonathanmcclement.com