The First Piece is the Hardest

Writing content is hard. Writing content that you actually want to put out is even harder. After struggling with finishing my first piece that I planned to release, I have decided to go a new route and write something that I don’t have to worry about, what you are reading right now. The idea here is to break the ice so to speak, maybe rid myself of some underlying fears I may have with putting out some of my writing. I want to put some ink on the canvas as a starting point, and hopefully life will fill in the rest. No one may ever read this, but it may be the most important thing I ever write, if I understand myself correctly.

I also understand the first bits of writing out of any writer will be bad, especially if they do not have an editor or at least someone to read through drafts. Skill is built overtime in this department, and I don’t believe I am starting at a very high level. I am a writing enthusiast, who hopes to one day be a pro. Luck is on my side – the joy of the journey is not the destination, but the climb; the lower I start, the more joyous the journey!

This piece doubles as a test of my personal preference between the “typing” and “by hand” mediums of writing. I am typing this particular piece. Part of me likes the speed typing it out the first time brings, with quick edits and such, but I feel more of myself in my text when I handwrite my thoughts. This may be due to the speed at which each occur, as I write by hand a lot slower than I type; I think by slowing down, I think more about the next word as opposed to working out the next sentence. I do need a high volume of quality content to reach my goals, my question pertains to what I wish the balance to be on volume versus quality. Does such a balance exist? Preferably, one would want to max both, but at this stage in my career I think that would be asking for too much.

While writing this piece, I have also realized how much easier writing becomes once I get going. So, maybe the trick is to “prime” my brain so to speak with a minor writing exercise and then work on my real piece. An exercise such as the one I am writing now perhaps. Something to try new techniques or work on old ones, in other words, work that does not matter. I recently heard of Van Gogh creating worthless pieces of art, only to practice his craft. Yet, the art still sells for Van Gogh prices because it was through his hand that the work came to be. Maybe this piece will be published in a collection of my works one day, completely worthless in my eyes in terms of content, as it is only word vomit at this point, but because I wrote it, it deserves its place in my anthology.

I will end by saying that these words are useless to anyone besides myself. To me, they are priceless because they are my words. No matter how badly they are put together, the words are still a part of me that I plan to release to the world. I think I made up my mind; when there is an anthology for my works, the editor better include this piece in all of its ugliness, if only to show how far I’ve come. 

This is the first piece of content, which I consider to be the hardest to create. Here it is. Everything else should be a walk in the park, right? 

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